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While we may be the Sales & Marketing gurus, a strong Revenue Management and Marketing Program is only as good as the property we are selling. This is why we offer a huge variety of consulting services to help you maximise your operational potential that will generate not only repeat guests, but advocates for your property. A happy guest is the best advertising.


Social Media Management

Social Media Management is so much more than posting on Facebook or instagram every so often. A properly managed Social Media Campaign has proven to be the highest return on investment marketing investment. It can also be extremely overwhelming, and that’s why you need experts working for you. Your expert Consultant will work with you to develop a social media plan and put it into action. From content and highly targeted posts to vetting and negotiating with influencers, we’ve got you covered. Harness the power of your current guests and turn them into your biggest driver of direct reservations.

Sales & Marketing

It boggles the mind how many Independant Hoteliers see Sales & Marketing as an expense, rather than an investment. You’ve invested massively into a physical property, don’t neglect the one area that is focused on actually creating revenue. It’s hard to separate Sales and Marketing from Revenue & Distribution Management because you can’t effectively do now without the other. We take a holistic approach to Sales, Marketing, Revenue Management, and Distribution Management. They are, or should be, inseparable. If you remove one the others fail.

Market Research

The first step in any project that we work on is extensive market research. Whether you are in the planning stages for a new hotel or having an existing property, chances are that you haven’t done in depth market research in a very long time. We will define your key markets, competition, strengths and weaknesses before even considering the next step.

Pre-opening & Conversions

Are you building a new hotel? Maybe you are converting a historic property into a hotel or maybe you are taking over a struggling property. No matter what your unique projects, Namaste Hospitality is here to help. Wether you are opening a motel or a luxury resort, we are with you every step of that way so that your hotel not only meets industry standards for the kind of property you are developing, but so that you are ready to offer the best experience starting with your first guest. Contact us to get the conversation started.

Revenue & Distribution Management

An often overlooked component to Sales & Marketing, Revenue & Distribution Management is what will really add to your bottom line. Namaste Hospitality works with cutting edge technology to constantly monitor your local market to adjust rates in order to maximise your ADR and Occupancy. We also handle the negotiations with OTAs and Travel Agency’s as well as manage dynamic pricing and incentive tools to push your reservations through the most cost effective channels and aiming to drive as many direct bookings as possible.

Management Recruiting

Are you looking for the perfect management team that not only has the skills and experience to take your property to the next level, but is also a cultural fit. Let us do the screening for you. We will comb the candidate market and do all of the screening for you, going you only the best candidates to those from.

Operational Best Practices

Being a novice in the Boutique Hotel World is more the norm than the exception. Don’t try to learn on the job and don’t let trial and error learning be the downfall of your business. Hotels are a big investment and you need to have clear standards and operations in place so that it runs smoothly for you and your guests. Let us work with you to make sure that you not only meet your operational obligations and industry standards, but fly above the competition with special touches that make your guests’ experience one they will be talking about for years to come. This could be a simple secret shopper audit up to a full operational procedural overhaul and staff training.

Systems & Technology Integrations

It is undeniable that technology is the key to being competitive in an ever changing travel landscape. Selecting and properly implementing the right suite of tools is the single most important decision in operating an independent property no matter the size. From booking to in-house service through to maintaining a relationship with your guests post checkout, we work with a suite of systems that give you and your guest a seamless experience. The right mix of symbiotic systems will give you a better conversation rate and create happier guests leading to better review scores.

Budgeting, FORECASTING, and P&L Analysis

Do you know your cost to rent a room vs having that room sit empty? Do you have a solid understanding of seasons and special event fluctuations your market? We can take your financials and drill down to get real actionable information that can be used to maximise your occupancy and your rate as well as help to make important operational decisions that impact your costs.